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What's The Buzz About?

Pacific Northwest Coffee Meets the Florida Panhandle

Fun-flavored drinks. Pensacola inspired names. Unique flavors. The original White Coffee seller of Pensacola. Our coffee will have you 'buzzing' for more!

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Meet The Owner

Growing up in a small town with a love for great tasting coffee is a major contributor to the beginnings of Buzzed Brew. How much did my little town of Ephrata, Washington love coffee? Well, try to imagine a place where coffee stands are more prevalent than stop lights... a town of three stop lights and seven coffee stands. Coffee, to me, means accessibility centered around excellent flavor and unique drinks. 

When I decided to move to Pensacola, the one thing I knew would feel like home was the small town aspect... just trading in the mountains for the beach. No matter where you are in the Pacific Northwest, coffee is a staple of the culture. I love everything about this hidden gem of the Panhandle. This place has given me so much and now I want to return the favor.

Starting Buzzed Brew has given me the ability to combine my love for the Pacific Northwest and the Florida Panhandle. I am excited to share Washington-inspired coffee to the residents and visitors of Pensacola. 

Thank you for joining me on this caffeine filled adventure. I cannot wait to serve you and bring a little bit of PNW to the Florida Panhandle.

Stay Buzzed!

Crystal Millard

Owner of Buzzed Brew LLC

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What is White Coffee?

Now available in Pensacola - but only at Buzzed Brew!

White Coffee is made from beans roasted at a lower temperature, for less time. This gives the beans a much lighter color than even a blonde roast. White Coffee also has about 50% more caffeine than traditional beans.

The most interesting thing about White Coffee - it tastes nothing like traditional coffee. White Coffee has more of a nutty and sweet taste. It is great for any coffee-lover, but especially great for those who do not love a strong coffee taste. 

To try White Coffee for yourself, order our specialty cold brew latte - White Sands. Click the link below for our Order page.

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